(Student Video Competition)

Student Video Competition

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At EONIQ, we craft custom watches. We create timepieces for your personal brand. Each watch we produce is unique and customised to tell your story.

As designers at heart, we sincerely believe that product design should be such that it conveys the values and ethics of the consumer. The EONIQ Video Competition is our effort to bring designs with stories behind to a greater community, and is open to participation for all students in Hong Kong!

Samples of EONIQ stories video


Meaningful stories from people


  • Grand Prize: ALSTER series custom watches for all members within the group + Certificate

  • 1st Runner-up:  ALSTER-LITE series custom watches for all members within the group + Certificate

  • 2nd Runner-up:  ALSTER-LITE series custom watches for all members within the group + Certificate

  • All participants:  Discount code for purchasing a watch of their design at a discounted price (25% OFF Discount)

    *The top 3 winning videos will be featured EONIQ’s social media platform (over 500k follower base from over 60 countries). We have also secured a sponsorship so winning videos will reach at least a few hundred thousand people from around the world.
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Qualification Round

First Round(Submission of Draft)

Sign up date: 1st February - 13th March
Submission date : Before 13th March
Number of members : Maximum of 6 members

First round competition will be submitting a draft with the ideas of how your team is trying to tell in the video, 
the length of video is set to be around ONE to TWO and a HALF minute)

  • Application ID will be provided once you signed up
  • Write a draft with a plan of how your team is going to perform in the video
    (Draft instructions: here )

  • Submit you draft with your application ID number to competition@eoniq.co
  • Further details will be provided after signing up

Second Round

  • Details will be announced to groups entering second round

If you have any further queries about this competition, please contact our marketing department: 

Terms and Conditions: here

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Maximum of 6 members
(one from your group) Valid student document (Student card) is required to join this competion