1:1 Remote design

EONIQ 1 : 1 Remote design service

What is remote design service?

EONIQ is the first globally to bring customized mechanical watches at the price point of a fashion watch. Whether you want to design and own a unique piece of mechanical timepiece, or to experience (maybe with your loved one?) the only exclusive watch design session in the world, we got you covered ;)

What's included in this appointment?

  • More than 1 hour of a watch design experience (It's a lot more than just mix and match parts.)
  • A dedicated staff to help you with your design process. We'll allocate 1 hour of their time to serve you exclusively so you can take your time with your design process.
  • Touch and Feel of components. You'll get to mix and match the parts and feel the amazing European leather that we use ;)
  • Bring convenience to busy customers by providing design service nearly their workplace
  • Get your watch after 10 working days (Express 5 working days service available with extra charge of HK$500)

To make the most out of the session, please explore the design options before coming to our store at www.eoniq.co. If you would like to have images or special graphics that you'd like to include in your watch, please bring them with you as well (printed or soft copies are fine).

Reservation Fee:

The 100HKD reservation fee (non-refundable) will be counted towards your watch at the session.

E.g. if you're choosing a Pinot Blanc 2290HKD, there will be a remaining balance of 2190HKD due ($2290-$100) when design is confirmed before the watch is assembled.




Product: Pinot Blanc Custom Series, ALSTER Classic S series, ALSTER Custom Series, ALSTER Lite series, Navigator Custom Series &The Cortesse Series

Email: info@eoniq.co

WhatsApp Service:+852 5544 7324 (WhatsApp only | Reply during office hours)

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