EONIQ custom watch

EONIQ watches are custom made from your own design. Each watch is unique and made to order. 


Everyone is unique. No one before or after you can take your identity, your story. In short, you are eonic (timeless). And we believe that the watch on your wrist, which represents you, should be also. Quality custom watches have traditionally been far from affordable, until now. Find out how you can not only customize, but design your watch that will be unique, and timeless, because of you.   


eoniq custom watch

Unique, bespoke

Just like you, your watch should be unique. Therefore each of the watches we made is bespoke, and there will only be one copy (unless you order multiple). We will not produce extra copies, let alone resell your design without your permission. 

There are multiple watch cases and straps that you can make your custom watch from. With the 2 layers of watch face that you can freely design, we'll help you make sure that your watch is one-of-a-kind, just like you are.

eoniq custom watch

No more price tag on your wrist.

We have always had this love-hate relationship with luxury watches. While they are high quality time pieces, unfortunately they often turn into status symbols. 

Tell your stories, show your passions. Design your own unique time piece, and may your watch be forever priceless and have no comparables. Let it always be your signature, a great conversation starter, and a quality mechanical watch that you are truly proud of. 

What other's say

"This is absolutely amazing. I actually started to love it more and more daily. It tells others about my passion and my story."
Shinn Kawasaki - 21 Visuals

"Now we no longer have to pick and chose the stories of other watch brands. We can tell our own stories on our wrists."

eoniq custom gift watch

One of The Ultimate Gifts.
Yes. No exaggeration.

What is a good gift for someone you care about? It should be thoughtful. It should look presentable and be reasonably valuable. It should contain meanings that signifies your relationship with the person receiving the gifts. It should always be personalized, and crafted with care. And last but not least, it should have your signature on it.

A carefully designed EONIQ custom watch is everything mentioned above, and more. A timepiece, is timeless. With professionally designed templates and your understanding of your loved ones, your creation will accompany him everywhere, everyday.


Be a watch designer.
create a high quality bespoke masterpiece

Each of our watches are carefully produced with a reliable mechanical movement. They are 'skeletonized' to show the beautiful mechanics powering your unique time piece. By incorporating different patterns and selectively opening areas on the dial to reveal the skeleton movements, you can create unique custom watches with infinite possibilities.

Do not settle for second best. If you are going to design a custom art piece, make a quality mechanical watch that lets you to naturally showcase your creativity all the time, everywhere.