EONIQ x Designers Collaboration


What is this?

This is a collaboration between EONIQ and all the talented designers. We hope to collect great designs from our events such as design competition, turn their ideas into real products and introduce to the community.

How does it work?

Once your design is chosen, designers will be contacted directly and discuss about the terms and conditions.

Ways of collaboration are listed below.

1) Selling their design watch through their own channels
We will offer the designer a 40% purchase discount (Purchase it at 60% of its listed price) for each watch of the selected design, and designer can re-sell them through their channels. However, under this condition, the design watch will not be shown on our official website or sharing channels. Under this condition, designer is required to purchase at least a certain amount of the watch. Details will be discussed between the designer and our EONIQ team.


2) Selling their design watch through EONIQ channel
If the designer would like to promote and sell their designed watch through EONIQ official online selling platform and social media, we will distribute 15% of the selling price as profit share to him/her. For example, if his watch was purchased through our online platform at 398USD. We would distribute 398USD * 0.15 = 59.7USD per watch to our designer. If his watch was sold with a discount offered by EONIQ, we would also distribute the selling price * 0.15. Taking 20% OFF discount as an example (398USD *0.8 * 0.15=$47.76) which means designer will receive 47.76USD per watch. 
Under this condition, we will provide once only 50% discount to our designers and each designer is required to purchase the design watch. The manufacturing process of the design watch will be captured and used for promotion purpose.


When do the designer collect their profit?

We will calculate all the sales monthly and a statement of sales will be provided to the designer at the end of month.

What counts as "Using designer's work"?

After collecting the original image of the design. We will upload the image to our selling platform which means customers can use the image while designing their watches. No matter the customer uses the original image only or makes amendment on the image, as long as the customer place the order using the image, designer can still gain profit from it.