EONIQ x Nan Fung Place

Pop Up Store

EONIQ x Nan Fung Place - Pop Up Store

EONIQ just launched their new Pop Up Store in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong! There are 5 mechanical watch series available at the Pop Up Store, including the Pinot Blanc Custom, ALSTER Classic-S, ALSTER Custom, Navigator-S & Navigator series. At the Pop Up Store, EONIQ will show you examples of the nicer designs others have made, and will help you with your very own unique design. An hour is dedicated to serve you exclusively so you can take your time with your design process.

EONIQ 由現在至十月尾在香港上環有一個為期兩個月的Pop Up店。客人除了可以看到我們手錶實物外,更可以於網上預約我們的一對一手設計服務。EONIQ 同事會於預約時段幫助你完成設計,並解決各種設計及技術上的問題,務求做到最合你心意的個人化手錶。Pop Up Store 提供5款個人化機械腕錶系列,Pinot Blanc 系列、ALSTER Classic-S 系列、ALSTER Custom 系列 、Navigator-S 系列及Navigator 系列。

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EONIQ - Mobile Sales

EONIQ has set up a whole new "One-to-one mobile watch design service" to provide convenient and comprehensive experience for you. You may make an appointment through our website, with a location and time of your choice. EONIQ's staff will meet you as per your fixed appointment, introducing EONIQ's product while helping you to fabricate your customized watch. The service point includes Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Sha Tin, Mong Kok, etc.


為了提供更方便和全面的手錶設計服務和體驗給我們的客人,EONIQ 設立了全新的「一對一流動手錶設計服務」。在2018年9月3號開始,客人可以透過網上預約,選擇方便自己的地點及時間作一對一手錶設計服務。EONIQ 同事會與客人於預約時段、地點介紹EONIQ 產品和幫助客人完成設計,為求做到最合你心意的個人化手錶。現提供流動設計服務的地區包括:銅鑼灣、尖沙咀、沙田、旺角等等。


The Mills

The new EONIQ flagship store is coming soon. Stay Tuned ;)

新的EONIQ 旗艦店即將開幕,敬請期待。