Design first round results

EONIQ Design Competition First Round Results


Hey guys! Thank you very much for participating in our Student Design Competition, we love and appreciate all of your designs! All of you will receive at least 25% off coupon code via Email, please check your registered email for more information! :)

After the discussion with our team, we are pleased to announce that the below are the 11 successful applicants entering our second round competition. Details for the second round competition will be announced via email.

DC 055 Anne Chan
DC 062 Nga Yuet Tiu
DC 064 Jyuting Yeung
DC 073 Tsz Lok Ng
DC 092 Tsui Yi
DC 108 Leong Pak Sum
DC 117 Kwong Shing Kai
DC 118 Pang Tsz Chun
DC 129 Fan Lok Sum
DC 138 Kong Shiu Long
DC 140 Shirley Chan

Once again, Thank you so much for supporting EONIQ. :)