EONIQ watch design competition

Win a Tourbillon watch that's designed by you! Sign up by 27th of June.

At EONIQ, we craft custom watches. We create timepieces for your personal brand. Each watch we produce is unique and customised to tell your story.

As designers at heart, we sincerely believe that product design should be such that it conveys the values and ethics of the consumer. The EONIQ Watch Design Competition is our effort to bring the art of watch design to a greater community, and is open to participation for design students (and recent graduates who graduated after May, 2014) across the world.

So, don the hat of a watch designer, visualize the 'hands move' and sign up to compete by 5th July 2015!


  • Grand Prize: a custom tourbillon watch (based on the movement below) of their design + Certificate
  • 1st Runner-up: 1 custom mechanical watch + Certificate + US$ 100 coupon
  • 2nd Runner-up: 1 custom mechanical watch + Certificate + US$ 100 coupon
  • Merit Award: Merit Certificate + US$ 100 coupon
  • All participants: Receive certificate of participation and the option to purchase a watch of their design at a discounted price (US$ 50 discount)

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Each participant should submit the following:

  • By 26th of July: The design in file format AI/CAD; and
  • By 2nd of August: a Facebook post including the design in a visually appealing format and a  less than 300 word explanation of the idea behind the design. The like counts will also be tallied on deadline.

Guidelines and Conditions

  1. Participants must submit the design file (Ai/DWG) on time to be considered.
  2. Participants have to create an original design of a watch face, as per the design guidelines provided to registered participants after signing up to compete.
  3. Entries must be new and original, and must not have been submitted to any other design competitions anywhere in the world.
  4. Participants are open to choose any theme for their designs, as long as they can explain the thought process behind it.
  5. The competition is open to design students from across the globe. Students must provide documentary proof of current status (school ID card or letter from professor).
  6. Each contestant may submit up to 3 entries (please submit each piece separately). Do note, irrespective of the number of entries, awards are limited to one per individual.
  7. The design project should not be currently in production. It is important to keep the design(s) confidential until the competition results are declared.
  8. The design must not include any registered trademark or logo not owned by the participant.
  9. Every contestant should, on entering his/her design, give an undertaking that the design is original and he/she is the sole owner of the copyright to the design.
  10. The organizer will not be held responsible for infringement of copyright or patent law connected with the design entered.
  11. The copyright for all entries shall remain with the original designer, who should make all requisite efforts to protect the same.
  12. The official announcement of the results will take place on 21st Aug 2015.
  13. The organizer may display all entries on their website, social media channels or in other marketing material; with proper attribution to the designer.
  14. The organizer reserves the right to withdraw an award if it feels the entry does not meet the criteria as laid out in the competition rules.
  15. The organizer reserves the right to withdraw the competition should there be insufficient participants.

    updated: 2015/07/22

For every 5 submision we are giving out an EXTRA USD$ 1 discount (maximum US$ 30) for EVERYONE

We now have <25 participants
Total extra discount: USD$ 4