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The official start of eoniq

I have been making high quality custom Swiss mechanical watches for a few years (KairosDesign.co). Every time I deliver a watch, a watch with so much meaning and thoughts, a watch which my customers co-designed with me, I feel an indescribable sense of satisfaction.  

Originally I thought the sense of satisfaction came from the quality, worth and the timeless aspect of a Swiss Mechanical watch; but over time, I started to realize, its the story behind each of these watches that gives me the feelings that, at times, bring me to tears of joy. Through co-designing with my customers, I've been let into their lives, into their love stories. I've journeyed with a man during his challenging but loving relationship with his girlfriend, I've journeyed with a father who is excited and proud of his about to be married daughter, I've journeyed with a grand daughter who is deeply grateful towards her gravely ill grandma. As they were designing their gifts, you see the most beautiful of human emotions in play; every comment, such as "I know she likes it more natural", or "she loves Swiss mechanical watches; let's not cover up the mechanics too much"... those comments reveal how much they know, and how much they care. When I show them the final product, imagine how they feel :) It is a huge blessing to witness these design journeys.

Convinced that the stories are worth way more than the expensive mechanical components, I set out on a journey to bring customized watch to everyone. Yes, that means it has to be very affordable. After over a year of research, development and innovations, I think we are ready.

Let the fun begin

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